Privacy & Terms

NimbuzzOut is a new feature you can use on Nimbuzz mobile that will let you call mobile phones and landlines at low rates.

Charges for NimbuzzOut Services are subject to change. For NimbuzzOut the applicable rates are those in effect at the time of using the service. Please always check the up to date charges at Unless otherwise specified, rates do not include VAT. Calls are normally charged in one-minute increments and will be rounded up to the nearest Euro cent or Dollar cent (or other applicable currency unit), except as set out on the current rates page from time to time.

If you encounter any problems related to payment, pricing, refund or use of NimbuzzOut Services, please contact or Nimbuzz Customer Support, MSM Limited, 146 Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE. Be aware that Nimbuzz does not provide support in all languages and English is the language generally used.